Day 31: Exercising My Rights

Not long ago, I received a ballot in the mail that had a deadline of 1/31/12 and I stuck it in the drawer without thinking much about it.  Yesterday, I was reminded by a coworker that we had an election to vote for a representative.  Considering the wars that have been fought in this country, the lives lost, the voices screamed to allow women to vote, and in considering that in other countries, people literally dodge bullets turning in their ballots (remember the images of Iraqi women with purple ink staining their fingertips, indicating they voted), I have to vote.  Even if you think your voice can’t be heard through a single ballot, enough people have stood up, cried out, and fought for you to have the right to vote.

Day 30: Gluten Free Goodness

I have passed by the frozen gluten free baked-goods section at New Seasons too many times out of fear that I would really like what I bought. Tonight I caved in to my emotions and bought cinnamon raisin bagels and cream cheese… This is why I never bought those things. Amazing!!!!

Day 28: Banjo

Sometimes it takes hearing inspiration to feel it, so after listening to delightful banjo music last night at the Josh White/Josh Garrels concert, I dusted off my own round instrument and determined to relearn where I left off years ago.  However, the banjo is really a backup instrument, so I need a band!

Day 27: Soul Music

I sit here for awhile with my fingers over the keyboard, thinking of ways to describe the experience depicted in the following photo.  When one feels beauty deep down within the soul, it is difficult to even want to put words to it.  Thank you, Josh Garrels and friends, for a lovely evening of music!

Day 25: Coronary Leek & Thyme Soup

Continuing on the soup journey tonight, I made Leek & Thyme Soup (without the fresh thyme, which I would recommend using).  Melt 1/2 cup butter (YES.  That much, thanks Paula Dean) in a large sauce pan, and add large slices of at least two leeks (you could probably add more) and a large sprig of thyme (I added rubbed thyme).  Saute for 4-5 minutes, add chunks of potatoes (about 1 lb.) and I added some sliced mushrooms as well.  Add cold water until just covering the vegetables and simmer for 30 min.  Stir in 1 1/2 cups milk and season with salt and pepper.  Simmer for another 30 min (or less if you get hungry…).

Day 23: An Explanation

I have a new rule about computer usage during the week: Computer shuts off at 9pm.  This being said, if I don’t post a photo of the day, it is because I missed the cut off.  Meh… tonight’s an exception so I could say this.  Proof I should not be typing this right now:

Day 22: Popcorn for Supper

Day 22? What happened to days 1-21?  In the midst of making some positive changes in my life, I’m “upgrading” my photography blog from one site to another.  It will take some figuring out, however, it will all make sense soon.  So yes, this is Day 22.

When I was young, my mom made popcorn out of the old air popper with good ol’ Orville Redenbacher’s white kernels.  Tonight, I continue the tradition on the stove, adding some Rice Chex, sugar, salt, and cinnamon.  Duncan loves the mix and really never wants to share.