Portraits of Meg

How fun it is to live in this very moment and remember it, not as you want to be, but who you are right now. Don’t wait to lose 10 lbs, until your skin clears up, or until you have more money in the savings account. Let’s make a little investment in memories and go buy yourself a cute dress or a new shirt, put on a little make-up if you wish, and let’s do a portrait session! Let’s remember 2014 as it is right now and dream of who you want to be, and when you make it, we can look back at these photographs and remember the journey that took us where we want to be! (We’ll need Throw-Back-Thursday photos ten years from now, too!)

Portraits of the Day today are of Meg. Talk about living courageously! This young woman has gone through more in her life than I could imagine, yet she continues to wear a smile and live by faith. Without use of her legs since she was born, Meg navigates life daily believing God to use her in the lives of others.  She wanted to have portraits taken for her young daughter, for which I willingly obliged.
2014-06-23_0001.jpg 2014-06-23_0003.jpg

Nathan & Cherith: Maternity

“Those two are going to have beautiful children!” said one friend to me after spying this lovely out for a coffee date one summer day a couple years ago, just newly dating. The beauty of Cherith’s pregnancy and the love between the young couple made me smile the entire photo session, and I can’t wait to meet their new little girl! Any day now!