Bluebonnets in the Heart of Texas

If you live in Texas, springtime brings the much anticipated bloom of the bluebonnets in nearly every roadside ditch and field.  My husband and I took a drive on country roads out to Fredricksburg and back one lazy Saturday in April, and I felt nearly drawn to tears by the gorgeous, lush sea of blue flowers paving our way.  It’s no wonder bluebonnet photo sessions are a necessary part of living here!

This beautiful family is the reason my husband and I moved to Texas.  Pastor Ezra and Kendra Stanton started Mission Church in Round Rock.


Shout out to Kendra of Citizens of Beauty for modeling her beautiful family, as well as Pastor Ezra of Mission Church.


In amazement, I watched the opening of a famer’s market peony from a tight ball to a wide blossom, and after a couple days of it’s beauty brightening up my living room, I brought it outside and captured it’s radiant pink petals. With a slight tinge of regret, knowing that it would probably be the end of the bloom, I let the cool breeze embrace flower in the ten minutes the “portrait” session lasted. Sure enough, the next morning the petals had sadly fallen to the floor, but not without leaving behind a happy memory.
2014-05-12_0001.jpg 2014-05-12_0006.jpg

On the Back Deck

After hours of shooting portraits and family photos, I forget to take out my camera and photograph the little things I love, like the last viola defying the autumn chill, the water drop on my collie’s nose, and the look I get when someone doesn’t want his photo taken.

A Glimpse of Summer

Being that it’s the first day of summer and the sky disagrees with calendar by producing gloomy clouds and a chilly breeze, I wanted to remind myself of one of my favorite happinesses (a word, yes?) of the season: violas. With a little playing around with new photo editing techniques, I smiled. I hope you smile, too.


July 15, 2012

I had a lovely afternoon/evening planting my flower pots today!  It is one of my most favorite summer pastimes and after spending countless months (it seems) of clouds and rain, summer finally arrived in the Northwest.  However, of course, today when I wanted to spend the day outside, the sunshine found itself to be scarce, much to my dismay.  It did not stop me from enjoying the fresh air, though!