Dog’s Night on the Back Deck

Soaking up every moment of sunshine and a warm evening breeze before the next round of spring showers hit, my pups and I had an impromptu photo session on the back deck. The old feline watched at a distance from the window as the dogs slowly grew disappointed that the “beefy treat!” exclamation was meaningless.


On the Back Deck

After hours of shooting portraits and family photos, I forget to take out my camera and photograph the little things I love, like the last viola defying the autumn chill, the water drop on my collie’s nose, and the look I get when someone doesn’t want his photo taken.

Happy Birthday Fluffy Monkey!

Duncan Donuts. Chunky Dunky. Fluffy Butt. Chewbacca. Duncan Doodle. Treebeard. Fluff. Big D.  All the affectionate names dear Duncan has been called through the years. He is my melancholy collie with some Cheasapeake Bay retriever to bulk up his frame. I knew he was a special pup when I found him on and I knew that beautiful little boy had to be mine. I’ve taught him how to say “I love you” and to high-five. He’s my guardian dog and sensitive friend. Just this afternoon while I was working away on my computer, he came over and sat next to me, fluttering his long blonde eyelashes at me. “Do you need a hug?” I said. He whined and stuck his nose out towards me, so I wrapped my arms around his neck, stuck my face into his soft fur and inhaled. I love how collies smell, especially after a good romp in the fresh mountain snow.
So Happy 6th Birthday my Duncster. Here’s to many more!Duncan Dec12