Dog’s Night on the Back Deck

Soaking up every moment of sunshine and a warm evening breeze before the next round of spring showers hit, my pups and I had an impromptu photo session on the back deck. The old feline watched at a distance from the window as the dogs slowly grew disappointed that the “beefy treat!” exclamation was meaningless.


Odysseus (The Cat)

Finally, here is Part Three of Three in the Rob + Kelsey + Artemis family! I’ve had an affinity for felines since I was a 3 year old with my first kitty, Whiskers. Whiskers was a tabby, so I have something for tabbies, too. When I walked in the door to do the baby’s photos, Odysseus met me at the door with big green eyes. In fact, he even felt the need to immediately inspect the props. Believe me, there’s no posing cats for photos.

By the way, I love photographing pets, so contact me for more information!

Happy Birthday Old Feline

Happy 16th Birthday to my Nikki! She almost didn’t make it to her last birthday, but thank God she’s still with me, licking my arms like she did 16 years ago. I was… 12 (or 13? when I got her). She’s been there for me through all of basically everything in my life. I remember the first time I saw her in the impound when I was volunteering at the animal shelter—this tiny little black and white kitten with enormous white whiskers. I picked her up to cuddle her and she immediately started licking my neck and crawled up to my shoulders. A week later she was still there and I talked Mom and Dad (easily) into letting me adopt her. Then, there was that last year of college when I thought I lost her forever to the farm, but God brought her back to me because he knew I would need her company, and she’s been with me ever since. All through the pains of her digestive, urinary, and ocular issues, she’s still been my kitty. And she’s curled up on my lap purring as I type this. I love her so much! Happy Birthday dear cat, my snuggler, hairball hacker, warmth on a cold night, purrs and kisses when I’m feeling sick, and faithful friend.