Bluebonnets in the Heart of Texas

If you live in Texas, springtime brings the much anticipated bloom of the bluebonnets in nearly every roadside ditch and field.  My husband and I took a drive on country roads out to Fredricksburg and back one lazy Saturday in April, and I felt nearly drawn to tears by the gorgeous, lush sea of blue flowers paving our way.  It’s no wonder bluebonnet photo sessions are a necessary part of living here!

This beautiful family is the reason my husband and I moved to Texas.  Pastor Ezra and Kendra Stanton started Mission Church in Round Rock.


Shout out to Kendra of Citizens of Beauty for modeling her beautiful family, as well as Pastor Ezra of Mission Church.

Texas Charm

My husband and I moved to Austin, Texas in February, and our transition from the Pacific Northwest to the hot beautiful hill country of central Texas was made possible with the help of this amazing couple.  With our intent to rent a house being immediately discarded due to high rental cost and quality of options, champion realtor Ivy Stanton found us a perfect brand new home and walked us through the buying process from the moment we set foot on the property to the final signing of the papers.

If you live in the Austin area and are thinking about selling your home, Ivy and her husband Ed offer concierge, trustworthy service and complimentary professional staging.  And please know I am not being compensated in any way to write this post, it is truly a joy to know this couple and we feel so welcomed in Texas, thanks first to them.  I am honored that they asked to have a photo session with me.  Enjoy!


What a story we have about this journey to a new land, one that has had blessings poured out upon us each unknown step of the way.  If you ever need your faith in God to grow, move out of state to a new settling place!

And if you live in the Austin area, I’m now booking for portraits and family photos!2016-07-23_0007

2016-07-23_0010Here’s a link to Ivy’s website:

Portraits of Meg

How fun it is to live in this very moment and remember it, not as you want to be, but who you are right now. Don’t wait to lose 10 lbs, until your skin clears up, or until you have more money in the savings account. Let’s make a little investment in memories and go buy yourself a cute dress or a new shirt, put on a little make-up if you wish, and let’s do a portrait session! Let’s remember 2014 as it is right now and dream of who you want to be, and when you make it, we can look back at these photographs and remember the journey that took us where we want to be! (We’ll need Throw-Back-Thursday photos ten years from now, too!)

Portraits of the Day today are of Meg. Talk about living courageously! This young woman has gone through more in her life than I could imagine, yet she continues to wear a smile and live by faith. Without use of her legs since she was born, Meg navigates life daily believing God to use her in the lives of others.  She wanted to have portraits taken for her young daughter, for which I willingly obliged.
2014-06-23_0001.jpg 2014-06-23_0003.jpg