Day 47: Life Changing

February 16, 2012: This was one of those days that life-as-I-knew-it changed.  It was one of those days that the realization of how God takes care of me hit me like a Tri-Met bus full of elephants.  There’s no photo of today, but I wanted to remember today with word images instead.

Grandma Betty is dying and I am 1,600 miles away from the frozen tundra of western Minnesota.  A dear, precious friend told me that I needed to see my grandma while she was still alive and provided the way for me to go.  I can never repay the entire experience of her generosity.

It felt like a gift too big to accept; I did nothing to deserve it.  Imagine then, that God does the same for us when he offers forgiveness of anything we’re guilty of through Jesus dying on the cross and being victorious over death.  We don’t deserve it, but it is offered to us all, because God so loves!  You have to accept it, book the ticket.  Get on the plane.


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