Better Than Starbucks Homemade Iced Coffee

It’s the middle of the afternoon on a warm sunny June day, and I wanted a spoonful of the delicious salted caramel gelato my husband and I found yesterday at the store (no corn syrup and it’s to die for!). I was also cleaning the kitchen at the same time and was about to dump out the coffee pot from yesterday, but before I dumped the coffee, I thought an iced coffee would be delish (some of you would say, “Day old coffee? Yuck.”). So, here’s the simple way to make Better Than Starbucks Homemade Iced Coffee:
1. Pour just over half a cup of cold coffee into your glass or mug.
2. Add about a tablespoonful of your favorite ice cream or gelato (I don’t like my coffee super sweet, so a tablespoon added just enough flavor and cream).
3. Stir until ice cream is melted.
4. Add ice cubes to fill the cup (by hand, I might add, since if you put the almost full glass under the auto ice dispenser on the fridge, you either get your coffee all over or ice cubes all over– or both).
5. Sit in the sunshine and enjoy!

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